Factors to Help You Know Teeth Discoloration Causes, Types, and Treatments

When it comes to tooth stains, they can either occur below the tooth or on the surface. Note this article is to help you find out what are the causes of teeth stains, types not forgetting the treatments that you can get. Understand that in this article you will be enriched with information on how to fix your teeth if they happen to be discolored. No one enjoys to see that they have tooth discoloration. Did you know that fight against discoloration has lead to a steady rise in the use of tooth whiteners in the past fewer years.

Teeth do happen to get a little yellow that is from the whiteness that happens to have that is as we age. Several known habits can lead to teeth turn yellow faster such as drinking dark soda or even smoking. Tooth discoloration can be sorted out, and there are numerous methods to consider. Know that several are common types of stains that people happen to have on their teeth. Everyone happens to have a thin film of protein that does coat each one’s tooth enamel. Pigmented particles can upsurge in this film and developing extrinsic stains. It is a type of teeth stain that can be as a cause of eating or even drinking foods that are highly pigmented such as red wine or coffee. If you happen to be smoking or eating tobacco, you will be most likely happen to have extrinsic stains.

When it comes to stains particles navigating and reaching your tooth enamel, it is termed as intrinsic stains. Intrinsic stains mostly happen to occur in little ones and can be brought about by a range of causes. Antibiotic use in young kids, being exposed to too much fluoride, internal bleeding of the child tooth or even tooth trauma does bring about intrinsic stains. As you age your tooth enamel does get to be thinner and does allow one’s dentin to show through. Now, you will end up having aging stains as upon the core tissue of the tooth happens to show through.

When it comes to fixing discolored teeth a couple of effective methods are available. The type of stains you have are the ones to help determine which is the most suitable discoloration method to go for and if there are any other conditions to be taken care of. In this case, you should seek help from your dentist to help you know the best treatment for you. There is the use of tooth whitening, veneers, dental crown, and even full dental makeover.

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